Electronic Art Files for Custom Calendars

Please refer to the guidelines below when submitting an electronic art file for your Custom Calendar.  

These guidelines will help to ensure an efficient processing of your order and the creation of a product which meets your high standards.

Acceptable Output Applications :
MAC Applications :
  • Quark Express 8.0
  • InDesign CS5
  • Photoshop CS5
  • Illustrator CS5
  • Acrobat 8.0
PC (Windows) Applications
  • Quark Express 7.0
  • Photoshop CS3
  • Illustrator CS3
  • Acrobat 8.0
Photograph / Image Resolution should be 300 DPI or higher at actual size.  Submitted files with lower resolution will only be reproduced at the request of the customer as quality will suffer.

Line Art Resolution should be 1200 DPI and saved as a bitmap tiff.

Graphic Files should be converted to either CMYKGRAYSCALE or BITMAP mode.  RGB and Index color mode files will not reproduce with acceptable or accurate color.  You will be billed for the conversion time and any color correction needed when changin modes.

* Files should be saved as EPSTIFFJPEG or PDF (High Resolution).

* All Type Fonts should be EMBEDDED and included with the artwork.

* Any Pixel-Dependent Files, such as Photoshop Images, that are part of the logo must be EMBEDDED and not simply linked.