Goes Lithographing KG Series Certificates are 11" x 8.5"  stock certificates produced on 25% Cotton stock with a 1", 5-Hole perforated binder stub.

Available in a variety of colors for both Corporations (Share Text or No Text options) and LLCs (with LLC Unit Text).  

All KG Series certificates feature a beautiful Eagle insignia.

All items have backers except KG6 (Green with No Text) and KG7 (Blue with No Text) .

KG Transfer sheets are available for each color / text option. 

Goes® KG2 Green Corporate Stock Certificates

Goes KG2 Share Text w/ Backer (Blank)

Goes® KG9 Maroon LLC Certificates

LLC Unit Text w/ Backer

Goes® KG21 Transfer Sheets

Use w/ KG2 Certificates

Goes® KG31 Transfer Sheets

Use w/ KG3 Certificates

Goes® KG41 Transfer Sheets

Use w/ KG4 Certificates

Goes® KG51 Transfer Sheets

Use w/ KG5,KG10, MX Certificates

Goes® KG91 LLC Transfer Sheets

Use w/ KG9 Certificates